Integration Services (Open APIs)

We Welcome IT solution providers to join hands with FBR/PRAL by providing innovative Solutions.

Promoting the vision of ease of doing business, PRAL has invited third party independent solution providers to become PRAL partners by providing IT Solutions using Enterprise Service Platform. Our vision is to provide software development organizations with state-of-the-art APIs so that new and more sophisticated software products can be developed to facilitate the taxpayer and help FBR to achieve its key objectives of maximizing revenue, improving customer experience, and minimizing costs. This will generate greater competition in the software industry, which will result in more choice for taxpayer. PRAL aims to encourage new organizations into the tax software market to build APIs with richer capabilities at the same time allowing existing tax software development organizations to improve their existing capabilities.

PRAL looks forward to making third party software more attractive for customers with a healthy competition to facilitate the taxpayer in best possible way. This will result in reduced dependency on FBR products and support. We aim to develop APIs that help make easy interactions for users of third-party software, enabling third party products to work seamlessly with FBR systems. PRAL plans to publish performance indicators for our APIs that help developers to improve their products

To start our voyage, we are offering two main APIs

1. Income Tax (IT) Return Filling APIs.

Build your own income tax filing solutions using Income Tax (IT) Open APIs exposed through Enterprise Service Platform (ESP). Moreover, business enterprises can also integrate their own solutions with FBR System using ESP exposed IT APIs.

2. Active Taxpayer List (ATL) APIs.

Third parties can also integrate their systems directly with FBR Active Taxpayer List (ATL) APIs to fetch the taxpayer status directly in their system.

3. Sales Tax Invoice APIs

Invoice management system/services are meant to fiscalize the sales tax collecting systems real-time with FBR. PRAL provides Sales Tax Invoice API’s for third parties to integrate their POS’s directly with FBR Systems. (Focalization is a law designed to avoid retailer fraud/tax evasion).

4. Income Tax (IT) Withholding Statement APIs.

PRAL has also shared Income Tax (IT) Withholding Statement APIs for third parties to facilitate them to integrate their systems directly with FBR for sharing/uploading bulk Income Tax (IT) Withholding Statement data.

PRAL is introducing a plan for registering third parties to provide flexible, user friendly platforms for e-return filing and Active Taxpayer List (ATL) Services. The third-party alliance shall generate greater competition in software industry, providing taxpayers to choose and work over preferable platform. Third party inclusion shall profit FBR in broadening tax net and increase revenue collection.