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We are team of professionals who specialize in ushering scalable and sustainable solutions through customizable development & deployment.

PRAL leverages technological innovation to maximize Revenue Generation for our clients, while laying the groundwork for potential growth by streamlining business processes. With a proven track record of delivering on its promises.

PRAL offers a wide array of services that are geared towards evolving sustainable solutions adhering to the applicable regulatory framework.


PRAL is instrumental in helping Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Revenue Collecting Agency for Government of Pakistan, carry out tax laws in Pakistan. Our solutions are vital for the Premier Tax Agency in Pakistan in carrying out its responsibilities with regards to Tax Collection, Taxpayer Services and Tax Law Enforcement. Our partnership with FBR helps it significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its Tax Administration, while preparing it to meet new and unexpected challenges.

Tax Automation

PRAL implements technology solutions for tax data management, automating various processes and driving data analysis in ensuring tax compliance & improving efficiency of tax administration.

Data Center Management

PRAL undertakes management of computer and server operations, large amounts of data, services and applications, and the protection and security of the data.

IT Infrastructure Management

PRAL manages IT policies and processes, along with the equipment, data, human resources and external contacts (such as vendors or security organizations) needed to ensure that IT operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Tax Facilitation

PRAL manages FBR’s Helpline, which is a free, fast & reliable service that is committed to providing the very best service to the public. The queries can be submitted via phone, email or website.



The one stop Transactional portal that allows you to file all your declarations whether they pertain to Income Tax, Sales Tax, Federal Excise etc. It is a user friendly system that offers solutions that are scalable to the ever changing regulatory needs and other requirements.


WeBOC is fully integrated customs clearance system which has started to revolutionize the way imports / exports are carried out in the region. It has user friendly interface, robust risk management system and streamlined business processes which facilitates trade in speedy clearance of consignments.

Tax Assan Mobile App.

Tax Asaan is a mobile application to facilitate taxpayers. It is available for free on Android and iOS smart phones. Return filing and other tax operations can be performed through this mobile application.

Tax Assan Portal

This is a new portal through which public will be informed about their pending tax obligations. This portal tabulates data of a person available in various portals across the country to suggest ones’ pending tax liability.


PRAL specializes in developing software that are aligned to your unique business needs and industry-specific functions. Our customized software solutions help you save on expensive & complicated customizations required from off the shelf software products.

PRAL implements technology solutions for tax data management, automating various processes and driving data analysis in ensuring tax compliance & improving efficiency of tax administration.

From designing, building and evolving web-based software, PRAL is the go to resource that can deliver applications capable of fulfilling the requirement of business needs. Our team of experts has the application development team, front-end developers and server side deployment team that can deliver on your envisioned application.

Our team of experts provides custom mobile application development services for any business no matter the industry. Our mobile app developers can develop applications for various platforms that can be optimized and scaled-up on demand.

PRAL offers scalable solutions to its customers that are built upon the software prototyping models designed specifically for our customer needs. This allows both the client and the developers to refine the final end product by incorporating vital feedback and undertaking extensive testing.

PRAL has extensive experience of integrating multiple individual subsystems or sub-components into one all-encompassing larger system thereby allowing the subsystems to function together. Pakistan’s largest e-filing system, IRIS is one of the best integrated systems in the country that encompasses various subsystems into one larger system.

PRAL products & services cater to government agencies, regulators, third parties among others. The confidence required by these parties to launch various products and services nationally & internationally cannot be possible without providing confidence to our clients that their quality requirements will be duly fulfilled. Our Quality Assurance team ensures that our development & deployment team deliver on our promise.

PRAL’s experienced team of consultants offer breakthrough management consulting and technology services that deliver solutions enabling governments, leading organizations and small and medium-sized enterprises to create, share and harness knowledge that helps them deliver innovative solutions that transform their businesses.

e-Payment services are available for Income Tax, Sales Tax, Federal Excise Duty & Customs Duty. These services facilitate the taxpayer with regards to paying their tax liabilities, without visiting the bank, at their own convenience through whichever option they are comfortable with.



Syed Javed

Independent Director Chairman BOD

Mr. Malik Amjed Zubair Tiwana

Chairman FBR,
Ex-Officio Director

Mr. Ashhad Jawwad

Member Custom Ops,
FBR - Ex-Officio Director

Mr. Mir Badshah Khan Wazir

Member IR Ops,
FBR - Ex-Officio Director

Mr. Qasim Raza Khan

Member IT,IR
Ex-Officio Director

Mr. Farrukh Viqaruddin Junaidy

Independent Director

Syed Ahmad

Independent Director

Mr. Mohib Hasan Khan

Independent Director

Syed Naved Amjad Andrabi

Independent Director

Syed Ghazi Ghazan Jamal

Independent Director

Dr. Muhammad Amir Malik (S.I.)

Chief Executive Officer


Dr. Muhammad Amir Malik (S.I.)

Chief Executive Officer / Chairman BOM

Mr. Ali Hameed

General Manager Operations /
Member BOM

Mr. Abid Naeem

General Manager Software Development /
Member BOM



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